Each leasing assignment at Monument Realty is managed using a team approach, relying on seasoned internal resources—marketing, finance, property and asset management, as well as construction management. We also maintain close relationships with tenant brokers. The result is the timely executions of leasing plans that meet or exceed investment criteria and complement the ongoing operation and marketability of the property.

Commercial Leasing Services:

  • Market Trends & Analysis
  • Strategic Property Analysis and Planning
  • Tenant Prospecting
  • Letter Of Intent & Lease Negotiation
  • Credit Underwriting
  • Broker Relationships
  • Partner Service & Reporting
  • Asset Value Promotion
  • Market Leadership

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Currently Leasing

Highlighted below is a selection of our commercial properties that are currently leasing.

Ballston Point

4300 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA
  • Property Use: Office & Retail
  • Project Type: Ground-up Development
  • Size:11 Floors, 260,000 SF
  • Status: Currently Leasing
  • Website

Franklin Square North

1082 13th St., NW, Washington, DC
  • Property Use: Office & Retail
  • Project Type: Ground-up Development
  • Size: 12 Floors, 270,000 SF
  • Status: Newly Renovated, Currently Leasing
  • Website

100 M Street

100 M St., SE, Washington, DC
  • Property Use: Office Building
  • Project Type: Acquisition of Existing Building
  • Size: 12 Floors, 240,000 SF Office
  • Status: Leasing
  • Website
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