A Clever Reaction to an Early Read on the Market.

Sensing an opportunity in the market, Monument Realty quickly shifted gears and rolled out a creative sales campaign designed to drive demand and maximize the value of a high-profile condominium project.

Monument Realty and our condominium sales team put together an open house for The Odyssey, a 274-home luxury condominium located at the Courthouse Metro. The event was held at the Clarendon Ballroom, which had a capacity of 500—yet over 1,000 prospective purchasers showed up, with hundreds lined up along the sidewalk, all waiting for an opportunity to receive information about the project. The residential market had just started to heat up, but the Clarendon Ballroom event represented one of the first major signals that it was ready to take off.

Reading the signals in the market and taking advantage of arguably the best views of the Washington, DC area, Monument Realty developed a strategy to maximize return by creating a super-luxury tier on the top seven floors, referred to as the “Platinum Suites.” This entailed creating a new set of layouts and finishes, as well as a separate marketing campaign.  In short, we split The Odyssey into two projects, broadening the target market.

To this day, The Odyssey is considered one of the best condominium projects in Northern Virginia, earning the award for the best Mid-Atlantic Condominium Project from Delta Associates, as well as other industry awards.

We Made It Happen.

Michael J. Darby

Principal, Founder
Natalie Hasney

Natalie Hasny

Director of Sales, Associate Broker